Developing Professional Consistency

Our consulting professionals develop targeted and implementable solutions for clients and help them maximize business opportunities.

We focus on helping clients transform the efficiency and effectiveness of their operational processes to continually improve the core operation of their service organization.

Start up Operating Model for domestic businesses:

We help start-up businesses create the optimal business architecture for successful strategy actualisation. This comprises all the elements enabling the application of the vision and strategy such as human capital, organisation, process, and technology.

Indian business strategy and regulations for overseas investors

The Indian regulatory environment is a complex one. Comprehensive and timely advice for foreign entities obviates many pitfalls that are commonly faced by such overseas investors. Our services cover:

  • Evaluating entry options and recommending the best strategy;
  • Evaluating implications of Indian tax laws and double tax avoidance agreements and providing detailed advice on these matters;
  • Obtaining permission to set up an office or subsidiary in India;
  • Registration with corporate law, foreign exchange, taxation and employment-related authorities and ensuring compliance with these laws and regulations;
  • Hand-holding through the process of setting up and stabilising operations. These include providing a registered office, local director, assistance in opening bank accounts, hiring of staff and providing book-keeping and accounting services.